Weekly Announcements

Weekly Announcements

The Noisy Offering for May 28th will go to VBS.


We honored our graduates during worship on Sunday, May 21st.     High School graduates are:  Justyn Keyser, Khiah Kimbro, Sarah McAninch, Jordan Mehlman, Shane Smolenak, and Cassidy Wolfe.  College graduates are:  Chance Carman and Gabrielle Smolenak.  


There is coffee and tea available on Sunday mornings in the kitchenette.  Please help yourself.  Anyone not familiar with the Keurig coffee pot, please ask a Deacon or Hospitality Committee member for help.


The Deacon’s are asking for food pantry donations.  Summer is coming and items are needed for the food pantry.  They want to be able to give families bags of food during VBS.


VBS will be the week of July 17 ~ 21.  We are trying to get it set up for the following week at Bel Capre.


If you are interested in Prayer Chain Emergency Prayers/Church Information,   and you text, PLEASE sign up for our Remind messages.  This is a simple way for us to text a mass group.  All you have to do is in the “to” or “contact” line of your text message key in 81010.  In the message box, key in @rhpcprayer.  It will prompt you for a name, and you will be entered into the text group.  THIS IS PRIVATE.  We do not have your contact information at all. Continue to spread the word!!